Reflexology (lat : reflectere): the deviation of an energy.

The pressure of a point reflex determines a reaction on the correspondent anatomic part. It promotes the healing of the stimulated organ.

The body is crossed by an intense net of nerves and receptive organs. On the basis of the principle of interconnection, it is possible to link different parts of the body, even if physically far from one another.  

On the feet we have a very high level of nerves concentration (7200 nerves for foot!) and by acting on the periphery, it is possible to activate the center. Basically, the pressure sends a signal to the nervous system via the neurons. The message is received by the brain which sends it immediately to the organ connected to the stimulated zone, via the spinal cord.

This holistic discipline was already known in India, China and Egypt about 5000 years ago and it arrives to us on its modern version, thanks to the studies of Doctor W. Fitzgerald who elaborate his own method of therapy by pressure zones. He has described his technique in a very detailed manner on his book, Zone Therapy (1917), where he states that « the pressure applied on body parts like the hand and the feet, generate pain relief. »

Application of reflexology includes: reduction of stress and tension, migraine, constipation, stomach ache, digestive issues, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety.


  •     Classic reflexology
  •     Polarity reflexology (working with the elements: space, air, fire, water, earth)

Sessions last for one hour

Price: chf 100 / hour (reimboursed by most of Suisse complementary health insurances)

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