Voir derrière la douleur et détecter les tensions émotionnelles imprimées sous forme de nœuds dans les tissues, grâce au langage émotionnel du corps.

Roger Fiammetti


I will be having a stand at the Holistica exposition at Geneva La praille 25/27 September.

Come and see me for a relaxing feet massage or a back treatment on the ergonomic chair at Reflectere: the intimacy with your body as the transformative knowledge of the self as there is a voice that does not use words. Listen.


Here I am, my first post after my biography article which introduce my story and my switch from trading to health care. I have asked myself: What can we do to start the change and contribiute to it? And I have found this little book at the Post the other day, of which I write here some points.

‘To change oneself, to change the world’.

A first option is to work on oneself, to commit, at social level, humanitarian, personal. Because, is it really possible to have an impact on this world without transforming oneself first? To commit to a fairer world, to a world that correspond more to our ideals, isn’t a way to take care of oneself too?

Materialism, consumerism, money drive, digital stimulations, the dangers of running against time. Starting to take action first of all, by acknowledging that those realities exists, that they have an impact on us and that they influence us towards looking for a quality of life based more on materialistic elements, rather than a connection with the natural environment and the intimacy with ourselves.  Opening the eyes on the choices we make, on automatic reactions based on habits. It is so easy to look without seeing, to hear without listening, to eat without tasting, to touch the others without being aware of the emotions we exchange.

The body is a marvelous place to start looking for the stability where to stop and relax, in the midst of this complexity. The knowledge of oneself is transformative and healing in itself.