io3From Brokers to Buddha.  I wanted to seriously learn about massage and meditation since I can remember. But then I was invited to the table of the big buffet, they smiled at me and they gave me a contract. And for many years I forgot that that table wasn’t mine. I have worked and always tried to keep my values, but now I have decided I want to live coherently with what I think, I want to live as I think, not to think as I live. So I give up Brokers, Trading, Oil. And here I am, with my new love: Reflexology.

I wish I can transmit the benefits that I have myself received from reflexology since my first encounter with her here in Geneva, few years ago. I was under deep stress and the immediate help I have received was towards a better sleep, a calmer mind. During one hour I had the right to give myself some time to enjoy and get to know my body better, his systems and how they work. Through meditation I have become friendlier with my mind: I recognize how my mind works with projections, expectations and attachments. And I can try to let go of them, simply being one, body and mind together, as they are in the present moment. Enjoying whatever I am doing in that present moment, not wanting to be elsewhere, not wanting things to be different.  Enjoying a massage, a reflexology, feeling the wide range of sensations and cherish this body and its breath that keeps it alive.

Lived in the very present moment, which is the only real moment available, life is full of depth and potential. In fact, that moment is at his full potential already expressed. Nothing more to do, nowhere else to go. This understanding come from a journey that I have started 41 years ago and that became deeper when I decided to let go of my opinions on how things should be, to finally listen to my teacher:

my body, who knows my story and know all my secrets.